Meeting Guide Lines

General Meeting Agenda

The Meeting Moderator:
The moderator presides over the meeting to provide topic flow, propose questions, and ensure every meeting participant has an opportunity to speak.


Introduction / Announcements:
The meeting is opened by the moderator and the caveat is given about not disclosing your idea / invention during the meeting if the meeting participant does not have legal protection already in place on their idea / invention, wherein after this, a short introduction (round robin style) will be given by each meeting attendee.    

Typically for the meeting 1st hour:
The speaker in attendance will present on their topic with questions and answers from the meeting attendees ongoing through the presentation.  

Break Time:
After the 1st hour a 10 minute or so break will be taken. 

Typically for the meeting 2nd hour:
We will do an extended round robin wherein every meeting attendee can ask or answer any question they want.