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Web Links

This is a list of useful and interesting web links.
RMIA does not endorse any of the products or services found on these links.

American Inventor Spot
This is a fun and informative website focused on inventions, innovations and interesting ideas.

KTLK World Wide Web Radio Show
Host of a variety of talk shows of interest to inventors.

US Copyright Office
The official source for general information, publications, and forms for copyright registration.

US Patent & Trademark Office
This is a great site for help with patent and trademark work. Patent fees, PTO forms, the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, patent and trademark searches, and many more resources are available.

This site offers a free search engine for patent searching. It includes searching recent patents and patent applications.

U.S. Small Business Administration
This site has tons of information for people who are in business or starting a business. Download shareware to help manage your business. Links to other useful small business Web sites.

The National Inventor Fraud Center
A great place to learn about who to trust and not to trust. It contains helpful information on how to recognize unscrupulous companies that victimize inventors. The site also contains great practical advice about patenting and marketing your ideas.

Patent, Copyright & Trademark Basics
Franklin Pierce Law Center (the little law school that cares) has basic discussions of intellectual property for artists, inventors, and web page designers.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
The on-line version of the Thomas Register, the most comprehensive source of product, service, and company information available today. Where to look for a supplier for parts that you need or for a potential licensee for your invention.

MFG.com is an online marketplace that saves you time and money by instantly matching a buyer's drawings and specifications to qualified suppliers. No more searching or worrying.

United Inventors Association

A complete resource for the inventor with information, training materials, expos, shows, and a free Email newsletter for RMIA members.

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