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The meetings of the Rocky Mountain Inventors Association are educational and networking opportunities. The format varies somewhat depending on the moderator. These meetings are open to the public. Unless noted otherwise, meetings are free for members of RMIA, and $15 for nonmembers to attend a meeting.   Snacks and drinks are provided at no extra charge at meetings. 

These meetings are facilitated by the most experienced members of the organization and a patent attorney is usually present to address legal issues. Other members in attendance often include marketing professionals, manufacturers, prototypers, fulfillment companies and others who are often able to answer questions and present opportunities, wherein a speaker typically gives a one-hour presentation with a question & answer session on a topic of interest to inventors.

For meeting schedule click here.

For meeting guidelines click here.

Checkout our LIVE video channel for meeting presentations and video archive  Click here

Archived Previous Meeting Presentations Follow;  

Manufacturing / Prototyping

Don Kesinger's presentation on Making & Using Silicone Molds for Prototyping Snap Knife Grip Molding Click Click here.

Bob Olsen's presentation on 3D Printing & Other Plastics Prototyping   Click here  


Russ Farmer's presentation on Government Funding for Research  Click here

Brian Pape's and Ted Crawford's presentation on Crowd Source Funding  Click here

Crowd Source Funding Websites to check out are;









Roger Jackson's presentation on Angel Funding  Click here 

Roger Jackson's presentation on Term Sheets   Click here  

Roger Jackson's presentation on JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) SEC Exemptions Click here 

 John Eckstein's presentation on JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) SEC Exemptions Part 2  Click here

Roger Jackson's presentation on Investor Red Flags  Click here 

Shane Fleenor's presentation on SCOR or Small Company Offering Registration  Click here 



Roger Jackson's presentation on Basic Legal Information for Inventors  Click here  

Roger Jackson's presentation on Patent Licensing Agreements  Click here

Roger Jackson's presentation on Business Operating Agreements  Click here

Roger Jackson's presentation on Product Liability  Click here

Roger Jackson's presentation on Prior Art Searching   Click here  


Roger Jackson's presentation on Prior Art Searching in Comparing the USPTO PubWEST system to Online Searching   Click here  

Alan Blakley's presentation on What Your Lawyer Needs To Know  Click here 

Roger Jackson's presentation on Who Owns an Idea Click here  Click here 



John Schaefer's presentation on Product Liability Insurance  Click here


Bonnie Kaake's presentation on Trade Show Secrets  Click here

Bonnie Kaake's presentation on Market Product Clearance Research  Click here  

Bonnie Kaake's presentation on Social Media  Click here  

Bonnie Kaake's presentation on Social Media and Retail  Click here  


Gamma-Two Robotics presentation on Starting a Robot Company  Click here

Len Heirath on Successful Inventions  Click here

Steve Rosen on the Product Development Cycle  Click here  

Mike Lammens on Successful Inventions  Click here

Lew Weinkauf on Small Business Issues  Click here

Marketing and Legal Inventor Scams-Don't be a Victim  Click here  

Garry Neff on Sales, Distribution, and Packaging  Click here  

Don Brinkmann's presentation on Product Startup Costing  Click here 

Paul Washington's presentation on Local Government Resources for Startups  Click here 







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