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Service Providers

Company Name: CR MILES PC
Service Offered: Protecting Intellectual Property.  Lawyers with over 20 years experience in patent prosecution, all IP law and complex litigation.  Excellent, responsive, friendly service - competitive rates.
Address: 405 Mason Court, Suite 119
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-492-0000
Fax: 970-492-0003
Email: info@crmiles.com 

Name: Peter Burrowes
Company Name: Burrowes Engineering, LLC
Service Offered: Mechanical design, engineering, drafting (CAD).
Address: 18975 E. 120th Place
Commerce City, CO
Phone: 303-655-1175


Name: Doug Collins
Company Name: OTB Designs & Engineering
Service Offered: Product Development
Address: 2531 Newport Drive
Fort Collins, CO , 80526 Phone: 970-224-2116


Name: Jim DeBetta
Company Name: DeeCavi Consulting
Service Offered: Sales and marketing for inventors
Address: 3605 Sandy Plains Road, Suite 240, 275
Marietta, CA 30066 Phone: 770-880-2606


Name: Kenneth Flees
Company Name: Alltemp Energy Services
Service Offered: N/A
Address: 3210 Cody Court
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: 303-234-9108


Name: Jerry Forman
Company Name: Platte River Industries
Service Offered: Packaging Consultant
Address: 490 Bryant St .
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: 303-825-0041


Name: Matt Gawlowski  
Company Name: Pinnacle Product Development
Service Offered: Mechanical engineering services, specializing in helping large and small companies turn their product ideas into manufacturable designs.
Address: 2217 Valley View Drive
Woodland Park , CO 80863
Phone: 719-387-7314


Name: Wayne Gonnering

Title: Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Company Name: WayneGo Design LLC
Service Offered: Mechanical engineering product design and 3D-CAD modeling services for all development phases including: initial concepts, product design, functional prototypes, and transition into commercial production.

Address: 3482 Overlook Trail
Evergreen , CO 80439
Phone: 720-542-8234
Website: www.waynegodesign.com

E-mail: waynego_design@comcast.net


Name: Stanley J. Gradisar
Company Name: Attorney At Law
Address: 1182 Thatch Circle
Castle Rock, CO  80109
Mobile: (720) 300-9412
Fax: (303) 663-7882
Website: www.sjgaalpatentlaw.com


Name: Kevin Houchin
Company Name: Houchin & Associates, PLLC
Service Offered: Law, Copyright & Trademark
Description: Houchin & Associates is a copyright, trademark, arts and entertainment, business development and branding firm.
Address: 425 W. Mulberry, Suite 105, Ft. Collins, CO 80521
Phone: 970-293-1070
Website: www.houchinlaw.com


Name: Roger Jackson
Company Name: Jackson Esquire
Service Offered: Patent Attorney-Licensed Professional Engineer;

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Licensing, Litigation, Trade Secrets, Confidentiality Agreements, Inventions Agreements, and related legal matters.  We also offer full CAD drawing services, trademark logo, and limited engineering services.
Address: 5469 Morning Glory Lane, 
Littleton, CO 80123
Phone: 303-271-9468

 Email: roger@jacksonip.com

 Website: www.jacksonip.com


 Name: Bonnie Griffin Kaake
Company Name: Innovative Consulting Group, Inc.
Service Offered: Marketing & Sales
Description: Innovative Consulting Group, Inc. is an outsourced marketing resource for small companies, inventors and entrepreneurs worldwide. We offer marketing and marketing management expertise. Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop to meet your needs utilizing a results-oriented approach.
Phone: 303-980-5567

Email: bgkaake@biz-consult.com

Website: www.biz-consult.com


Name: Rick Martin

Company Name:   Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin P.C.
Services Offered: Patent Attorney for 30 years, 800 patents, 3000 startup consultations (303-651-2177) successfully sued Wal-mart, 3M, Panasonic, Lowe's, small four lawyers/agents in Colorado, big international reputation, www.patentcolorado.com
Address: P.O. Box 1839, Longmont, CO 80502
Phone: 303-651-2177, or 800-575-8263, Cell: 303-653-5546 Fax: 303-772-3163 Website: www.patentcolorado.com


Name: Langston McDowell

Company Name: Narrow Gate Drafting & Design, LLC

Services Offered: We provide clients with quality drawings.  "Taking Ideas to Plans and, Ultimately, to Reality" through: 1) Trustworthy Service, 2) Pleasant Interaction, 3) Astounding Turnaround Time, and 4) Competitive Pricing for Product Design, Prototyping, Patent Illustrations, & Mechanical Drafting.

 Address: 189 Tassels Loop, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Phone: 970-368-0195    Fax: 866-641-1347

 Email: langston@narrowgatedrafting.com     

 Website:  www.narrowgatedrafting.com



Name: Justin Morales
Company Name: Funding For Inventors
Service Offered: Inventor funding and other services assistance for start-up companies.
Address: 2580 East Harmony Road, Suite 301, Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: 970-412-0605

Fax: 970-692-2436

Email: justin@fundingforinventors.com

Website: www.fundingforinventors.com


Name: Norrie, Joseph
Company: Norrie Industries
Service Offered:
Address: 714 Eastdale Drive,
Fort Collins , CO 80525
Work: 970-482-0773


Name: James Poole, Esq.
Company Name:
Service Offered: Patent and Trademark Services
Address: PO Box 925
Loveland, CO 80539
Phone: 97 0-472-5061


Name: Roberto Ruschena
Company Name: Roberto Ruschena, Patent Agent, LLC
Service Offered: Patent Agent
Address: 8400 E. Crescent Parkway, Suite 600
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: 303-779-8100


Name: Abe Shukert
Company Name: Rogue Engineering Inc.
Service Offered: Electronics design, prototyping and manufacturing.
Address: 3860 S. Jason Street
Englewood, CO 80110
Phone: 303-734-0706



Name: Donald J. Suriani

Company Name: Summit Design and Drafting, LLC

Services Offered: Drawings, Design, 3-D Solid Modeling, and Prototyping   

Address: 785 Cressa Drive, Loveland, CO 80537

Phone: 970-290-8100    Fax: 970-461-1450

Email: summitdesign@mesanetworks.net


Name: Matt Troyer
Company Name:TAEUS International Corporation
Service Offered:Intellectual Property Services
Description: TAEUS is a Colorado-based provider of intellectual property services, helping inventors make money from their IP offering reverse engineering services, licensing & brokering strategies and a free online Patent Exchange.
Address:1155 Kelly Johnson Boulevard, Suite 400,
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920
Phone: 719.325.5000
Website: www.taeus.com


Name: Steve Mariani
Company Name: Tread Global
Service Offered: International product sourcing, plus product design, product testing, engineering, prototyping, and mass manufacturing
Phone: 303-993-8943

Mobile: 303-921-1377

Email: steve@treadglobal.com

Website:  www.treadglobal.com



Name: Clint Webster
Company Name:Windchaser Invention Prototypes
Service Offered: Prototypes
Description: 40+ years experinece producing "one-off" parts and assemblies for automotive aerospace and oddities. Master in mechanical, welding, composites, shaping and finishings. Free consultation estimate.
Address: 2105 Robb Street
Lakewood, CO 80215
Phone: 303-233-8967
Website: N/A


Name: Donald Woodard
Company Name: Image Industries
Service Offered:Marketing & Sales
Address: 700 W Mississippi Ave Unit A1
Denver, CO
Phone: 303-469-3604


Name: Bill Van Arsdale
Company Name:
Service Offered:Business & Finance
Address: 2753 S. Webster Street
Denver, CO 80227
Phone: 303-989-8301


Name: Zimmermann, Eckehart
Company: Triad Engineering, Inc.
Service Offered:Engineering
Address:18005 Forest View Rd., Monument, CO 80132
Phone: 719-481-0521


Name: Jennifer Rothschild
Company Name: Mi Casa Business Resource Center

Address: 360 Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223

Services Offered: Various Entrepreneur assistance programs that include Pro Bono Patent or ProBoPat that seeks to connect low income inventors with patent attorneys / agents for patent application preparation and prosecution processing legal services on a pro bono no cost basis.  

Phone: 303-539-5643

Email: probopat@micasaresourcecenter.org

Website: www.micasaresourcecenter.org

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